As Turkey Weddings, we decided not to get involved in an online review system.
Whereas, you can read one of our comments on Trip Advisor and testimonials from our dearest couples as follows.

The priest told us at our wedding ritual that we’ve been sent to each other by God. If that is the case (which we have no doubt it is), then so were Murat and Pinar god-sent to us. Being an Asian-European couple, it was our dream to marry in the city of Istanbul. We took the brave decision to go ahead with the idea, but the prospect of organizing it from Cambodia where we live seemed rather daunting. Until we found them, who turned out to be most reliable, responsible and at the same time friendliest wedding coordinators in Turkey. Every couple wants to have the special and best possible for their wedding and Murat and Pinar’s “project-wise”, personalized work admirably patiently accommodated our endlessly changing demands for the best. Every time we email a question on minute details or a request based on spontaneous ideas (which was almost every day during the three months of preparation), they would reply with assuring “No problem”, “It can be done”, and “That’s why you’re working with us.” They are indeed well acquainted with all the necessary procedures and searched for well-suited venues throughout Istanbul. Not being based there was not a problem for this mobile, flexible couple at all. Thanks to all the good organization and information provided by them, we were well equipped with good knowledge and proper expectations by the time we arrived one week prior to our big day. Of course, we made last minute changes – which were again well absorbed by our dear Murat and Pinar, always with such energy and smiles. By the end of all that, we have not only accomplished our dream wedding but also have earned very special friends in Turkey.

Thank you, Murat and Pinar once again!
Kumi & Etienne

Dear Turkey Weddings Team,

Thank you guys for the effort done in making our dream come true. We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We consider you guys as our friends here in Turkey and will definitely recommend you for any couple we know that might want to get married in Turkey.
For any of you, who might come to Dubai; please contact us so we can meet.
Please feel free to post any of our pictures on your website. We would be honored. Feel free to add us on FB. We are common friends through Yusuf.
Hala sends a big hug and kiss to all of you, hoping to see you soon.
God Bless you all!!

Sincerely yours,
Hala & Elie

To our dear Turkish Family,

You have no idea how much you all have impacted our lives; it began on that well-anticipated day we met your staff in Ankara to driving away from your Travel Atelier office the day after our wedding. I wish I hadn't been overwhelmed with emotion during that last moment and was able to take a photo of Murat and the entire staff waving at us with great big smiles because that would have captured the essence of our experience in Cappadocia - warmth, enthusiasm, and satisfaction. Murat, Pinar and the rest of the hardworking staff made it happen. Every moment was unexpectedly magical.
We have not stopped talking about you with our friends and family. We have already shared our private hot air balloon wedding experience with so many strangers at the airports, hotels and even to our cooking class at the Istanbul Culinary Institute - which by the way, was not even a quarter as memorable as Cappadocia. Even the person at the pottery place mentioned he saw our wedding photo on Facebook!
I know T.A. will continue to grow and expand with great success. Please, please do not change your intimate family-like business philosophy.
You will continue to impact our everyday lives even when it gets busy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts (and stomachs) for the genuine care you put into our relationship and our important day. There is not a single thing I would have changed about our wedding experience. We both left feeling complete and ready to begin our new married life with many blessings.
We miss you all too and can't wait to meet again in 5 years when we renew our vows.

Much love,
Sabrina (wife!) and Paul (husband!)

PS - Please continue to send emails, photos and words of wisdom for a successful marriage :) as well as any questions you may have regarding children's books, website/bio updates and/or purchasing MacBooks online...

My very dear Murat and Pinar!

I want to thank you with all my heart for the dream come true you arranged for us! It is 1 month after the wedding and I just can’t stop watching the videos and pictures we took. Everything was so beautiful! Everything was so perfect! You taking care of everything made everything so easy! Our friends watch the videos and pictures and ask lots of questions about how we arranged such a great wedding while being here in Iraq and I have only one reference to all their questions. On the wedding day, I was so sure that everything will be wonderful that I didn’t even worry at all! The only thing I felt was pure 100% happiness!!!
Our wedding was definitely different than Russian or American, which made it really special and romantic. And what is making me even happier is the fact that all our relatives and friends had a great time and unforgettable memories! We definitely made the right choice in the country and you, guys!

Thank you so much for everything!!! We wish you all the best in whatever you do and wherever you go! Hope to see you again.

Best Regards,
Tatsiana and Jeff

Dear Orsan,

Happy New Year and Warm greetings from Central Asia!

Thank you very much for your warm hospitality during our week long stay in Istanbul. What a pleasure it was meeting you and talking to you during the hustle and bustle of getting our documents in order. This is a trip that Shukrona and I will never forget and you made it all the more special for us. You were most helpful and very accommodative with any request we had and I want to extend my congratulations to you this. Our welcome experience was seamless and furthermore, your assistance with coordinating the running around to complete the formalities was most appreciative! Karim mentioned that he contacted you while on his last minute trip to Cappadocia?

Should you ever travel to Central Asia or Canada, you know who to look up!
My sincere vote of thanks again in your very kind assistance during our special time in Istanbul. The memories will last forever! I have attached a photo that we have taken outside of the municipality office and the one you took of us in the Center of Taksim Square. Once I receive the ones from the professional photographer, I shall for sure send this to you.

Best regards,

Hello, again Murat...

Attached are some photos and image captures from our wedding and shortly after which you asked for, a mix of our favorites, so you choose from among them.
We are so grateful for what you and your team have done for us. As I have been telling everyone, it was the ultimate romantic adventure! We made some friends along the way, and we will always appreciate your loving, careful assistance. In retrospect, I just don't know how we would have done all this without you, given the general situation between Iran and U.S. After all the running around the city, we realized also that in so doing, we had a tour of the city! Each person we worked with has been a blessing. We're also very happy to make history for your company by being one of the two couples you assisted in marriage on the same day.

Thank you always,

Darrell and Behnaz
Twin Flames DB

Dear Murat, Lale, and Pinar,

Just a belated but deeply heartfelt “Thank-You” note for all of your help in planning Ahmed’s and my wedding in Cappadocia last month. We were so pleased with your highly professional planning and execution, and you made us feel completely at ease and comfortable the whole time we were in Turkey.
The wedding itself was also lovely, much nicer than either of us could even imagine (attached is our favorite photo). We will be forever grateful to you and your team for making this the most magical and memorable time of our life together.

Wishing you love and blessings always,
Allegra and Ahmed