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Getting what you want from your wedding has never been more difficult than when you're assaulted on all sides by family and well-wishers with their own opinions. Escape from it all with a wedding planned by professionals. Get rid of the hassle and take a flight across the world to Ankara, Turkey, where we make all your wedding dreams come true. A far-flung location is just the thing to perk up your dreary, forced party into something you'll remember as enchanted and perfect.

Civil Marriage in Ankara

Getting married in a foreign country may seem like a big project. But if you're craving the excitement of travel and exotic feel of a destination wedding, then choose a ceremony in Ankara, Turkey. Let us do the planning to save you the energy.

A civil marriage means that you have a legal ceremony that's officially recognized by your own government and the Turkish government. It's very similar to the proceedings in your own country and requires specific documents to be approved. If your marriage in your own country wouldn't be legal, then Turkish officials won't recognize it as legal, either.

Getting Married Overseas

The consulate from your own country processes all the marriage paperwork. They are the ones who will work with documents from overseas and the official Turkish forms as well.

You'll need legal documents from home, like your birth certificate. These papers are a requirement for both parties, bride and groom. If you've changed your name, you'll need documents proving that you are who you say.

If you're not Turkish citizens, you'll also have extra forms because you're foreign. You'll each have to get a Certificate of No Impediment, which verifies that you're legally able to marry and nothing prohibits you. There are other requirements, too, like extra passport photos, blood tests, and health checks.

For anyone who's been married before, you'll have extra forms besides the certificate, proving that you're able to marry again. For instance, if your spouse died, you need a copy of the death certificate. If you got a divorce, then a copy of the divorce decree will show that you're not married anymore.

Getting married overseas means a whole new setting and place to explore. Don't let the paperwork stop you. If adventure is important to you, then begin your life together with a whole new adventure.

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Celebrate with us

Ankara is in the very heart of Turkey, in the Central Anatolia region. It's the second largest city, and only a day trip to Istanbul, the largest). As the name, which means anchor, suggests, it's a great central location to use as a base point for your travels of Turkey. Visit the sights we recommend during the day. You'll like the Ankara Castle, markets and shops, and museums where you can learn about the ancient civilizations.

At night, let us plan your experience with modern nightlife and the arts and culture that come with being host to the National Opera, Theatre, Ballet, and Presidential Symphony Orchestra. Over half of the people who live in Ankara are young (under 30 years old), and that vivacity is reflected in the vibrant soul of the city.

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We Can Help You Find Traditional Ankara-Style Wedding Dresses

Because Ankara is the artistic hub of Turkey, there is no end to the new style and fashion. Every artisan and crafter here would love to custom-design a wedding dress for your destination wedding.

Although Ankara cotton is named like the city, it's African print isn't the usual for this city. The cotton fabric was a big part of the trade routes for the Dutch, and the wax printing technique became very popular in Western Africa.

You can wear any wedding dress you like and still be traditional. A colorful batik fabric isn't a requirement, and a tulle or lace gown works great if that's what you envision. Remember, a destination wedding means your ceremony can be however you want it, with no input from anyone else.

You won't have a problem finding a dress once you arrive if you don't want to worry about packing it and bring it along. The cutting edge fashion industry here in Ankara provides a rich selection of choices once you arrive. Say yes to the dress in Ankara for a one-of-a-kind wedding dress that you can say you purchased overseas.

The rest of the wedding party will find their styles here, too. From modern looks seen on recent runways to more traditional attire, you'll be thrilled with the options you find.

Your Dream Wedding

Let us handle everything for you, from the legalities and paperwork to the fun and excitement of the celebration. You'll love the experience and the thrill of a perfect, romantic getaway after the ceremony.

For more details about all the services we offer, get in touch with our experts now!