Legal Procedures For The Civil Wedding Ceremony

Civil Wedding Ceremony Procedures

In Turkey, wedding ceremonies can only be conducted by a Turkish Official. Foreigners must obtain the “Certificate of No Impediment” and Birth Certificates from the authorities in their home countries. The official paperwork of marriage is then processed by their Embassy or Consulates resident.
Turkish officials cannot perform a wedding ceremony that would not be approved in the foreign bride or the groom's’ country. Please note that; If your own country’s laws prohibit you from marrying; you will not be able to obtain the documents that are required by Turkish marriage law; from the authorities of your home country.

What documents are required for civil marriages:

  • Certificate of No Impediment
  • Full (Standard) Birth Certificate (with parents’ names)
  • Passport
  • Decree Absolute (if married before and divorced)
  • Death Certificate of spouse (if married before)
  • Name Change Declaration (if any changes to names)