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Cappadocia wedding or a proposal early morning on a hot-air balloon may not be something you were dreaming of... We can not blame you because you may not be aware of this magical destination yet. Good news is it’s existing. Cappadocia has a lunar landscape, in that sense, it is %100 guaranteed that you’ll have one of a kind wedding pictures if you get married in Cappadocia. A hot-air balloon wedding, for instance, is not something that every couple can tell about to their grandchildren. Imagine yourself saying ‘’YES’’ to your love over the clouds in such a romantic aircraft overlooking one of the most beautiful views of the world...  It can be one of the greatest moments of your life that would last forever.

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Hot air balloon weddings are unique… Brides and grooms always want their weddings to be different from all the other weddings they've attended and hot air balloon weddings are a surefire way to accomplish this. Share your wedding vows on a hot air balloon over Cappadocia with the breathtaking views of fairy chimneys and the amazing landscape. It would be little different than the usual weddings, though… It requires getting up before sunrise and wearing sports shoes under the wedding dress and tuxedo…It is saying ‘’I do’’ to your loved one on air (while your pilot does his best to keep the burner quiet), having your two witnesses standing with you on cloud nine in the presence of the officiator.

There's room for a few wedding guests in the balloon and some balloon baskets are big enough for your entire immediate family, too. It is a wonderful experience for the adventure seeking couples that want a memorable and unique adventure to start the beginning of the rest of their lives together. To make your Cappadocia wedding truly special, Turkey Weddings Team can help you customize everything needed for such wedding organization.

We can arrange photography, flowers, cakes, videography, banners, and transportation with our trusted vendors in Cappadocia region and even throw a big party on landing. Hot air balloon wedding is intimate, exciting, beautiful, and fun experience that you would never forget.

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Over the past few years, we have organized more than 20 weddings and elopements in Cappadocia from elegant large events at underground caves and in valleys to intimate boutique hotel celebrations. Cappadocia offers a lot, so much more than just City Hall for such big day.

You can rent a private property or even Goreme Open Air Museum - a Unesco World Heritage site for your guests and enjoy a private wedding dinner accompanied by a live band under the stars right after your official ceremony or you may consider about getting married in a rock-cut boutique hotel with a World class service. Turkey Weddings Team is here, ready to assist you with the planning of your wedding day starting from the legal paperwork to deciding on the venue, menu, theme followed by contracting the requested vendors such as photographer and florist. Whether it’s a big elegant wedding or a small intimate celebration deciding on a Cappadocia Wedding will be one of the decisions that you would not regret it for a lifetime.