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Beach weddings are relaxed, fun, full of sunlight and sea breeze especially in Turkey with its more than 400 awarded beaches as Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon), Bodrum, Antalya, Marmaris, Kas, Kalkan, Fethiye and so on... If you’re not into traditional hotel/reception hall options and extravagant ceremonies, we have great ideas for you. Visualize yourself saying yes while you have sand between your toes surrounded by your best friends and family in a beautiful setting... It all sounds so romantic, isn’t it?

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If you are looking for a truly unique and romantic style; you have to consider the Turkish coast. Known worldwide for its natural beauties, rich history, and culture; Turkish Mediterranean & Aegean Coastline has everything that couples may wish for a perfect party. As a destination, Turkey is within easy reach from all around the world and the gorgeous turquoise backdrop doesn’t need to be too fully dressed up… Whether held in a secluded spot on a quiet shore or at a resort hotel by the ocean, it can be a great experience both for the couple and their guests. After all, it's like a mini-vacation for everyone involved however still needs to be planned, in the everyday practical sense, same as any wedding.

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Oludeniz is an incredibly beautiful resort town on the southwestern coast of Turkey. It borders a national park and features stunning crystal-clear water and white sand beaches. The mountains make for a beautiful backdrop that will make you feel like your wedding is in paradise.

The beautiful blue lagoon is the perfect spot to host your fairytale wedding. The lagoon features a narrow strip of land with stunning blue water on either side. You can get married under a gorgeous gazebo while you and your guests enjoy the scenery of this beautiful town.


Belek is on Turkey’s southern coast, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The resort city features white sand beaches, lush golf courses, and thermal spas that will keep your guests entertained during their stay. There are also incredible archeological attractions for the history buffs in your group, including a temple of Apollo.

In Belek, we have stunning places in the inventory to plan the luxury wedding of your dreams. The resort offers beautiful spaces, and its sweeping architecture will make for the perfect venue. Plus, a large number of attractions available means you can combine your bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception, and even honeymoon into one big multi-day celebration.


Antalya is a significantly larger city just a few miles to the west of Belek. Like its smaller counterparts, Antalya features natural beauty combined with old-world culture. Antalya was once a major Roman port, and the city features stunning cliff-side views.


Fethiye is on Turkey’s southwest coast, nicknamed the Turquoise Coast. One of the attractions is its series of rock tombs, ancient crypts hollowed into the cliffs on the coast. There are tropical islands that you can visit by boat, a sheltered lagoon that features crystal-clear waters, and a designated nature reserve known as Butterfly Valley, where 105 different butterfly species migrate in the summer.

If getting married on an island is your idea of the perfect wedding day, Fethiye has you covered. Sovalye Island offers a secluded venue with impossibly blue waters and breathtaking mountains. Many couples choose to host their receptions on other nearby beautiful islands.


Kas is a smaller town on the southwestern coast of Turkey between Fethiye and Antalya. The town features whitewashed houses and buildings covered in stunning pink flowers. And nearby ancient rock tombs and nature trails dripping with lush greenery offer wonderful attractions for historians and nature lovers.


Kalkan sits between Kas and Fethiye on the Turquoise Coast and has an average 300 days of sunshine every year. Like Kas, Kalkan is famous for whitewashed houses, and it carries all the charm of an old fishing town. There are stunning historical sites and beautiful white sand beaches near the town.


Marmaris is a port city and tourist resort located in Muğla Province, southwest Turkey, along the shoreline of the Turkish Riviera. The weather here is warm enough to get married pretty much any time from April to October each year. July and August are the summer months in the Mediterranean. Daytime temperatures might be a little high, but that should not stop you.

Sea breezes are a blessing, and there are plenty of opportunities for romantic sunsets and colorful evening affairs. Picture a glorious open-air wedding reception where everyone literally dances the night away!

It is hard to single out one main attraction in Marmaris. Its harbor and marina are studded with world-class hotels and restaurants, and wide esplanades at the waterfront. It has a lively night-life on the famous Bar Street, with its open-air clubs and venues designed for musical entertainment. Pristine sandy beaches, water sports, and places for vacation relaxation take center stage during the day.

Marmaris Castle is close to the marina, which can be seen from its ramparts. The first city walls in Marmaris were built around 3,000 BC, while Suleyman the Magnificent was responsible for its reconstruction. During his reign as Emperor of the Ottoman Empire, the castle served as a military base.

The locals inhabited the castle until as recently as 1979. Today, however, the castle is a monument, part of which is devoted to museum space. The castle's courtyards and gardens lend themselves well to background scenery for wedding photos.

Another popular Turkish holiday resort, Icmeler, is only eight kilometers (five miles) from Marmaris. Pine forests surround the town on three sides and are popular for their fabulous views and hilly hiking trails.

Meandering through the narrow stone streets of the Old Town has its own romantic appeal, making Marmaris a good choice for a honeymoon, too.


The emerald green Datca peninsula in the south-west of Turkey stretches 50 miles into Mediterranean and Aegean waters, culminating where two seas meet in harmony.

Legend says that Zeus created the peninsula as a place gorgeous enough for gods and goddesses to live. It was beautiful enough for a city built for the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Now, it's a popular destination for beautiful Datca weddings.

Its graceful harmony makes it a natural spot for couples to begin their journey together. It's isolated and untainted by tourists, raw with natural beauty, and the perfect getaway to make this celebration special and all your own.

It's also full of hidden treasures, charm and unique spots to say "I do," celebrate your union, and host your wedding party. Think charming villages, Greek ruins, aquamarine bays, coves surrounded by cornflower-blue flowers, steep hills covered in pines, sprawling beaches, and olive groves.

Let our team pick the best for you!

If you want a beach wedding somewhere where the sun is always shining and the water could be easily your something blue, Turkey is the right place for you. The coast offers breathtaking mountain scenery, protected lagoons with private beaches and blue water, islands that look like they just stepped out of a tourism catalog, and every gorgeous view you could hope for. Make sure you get your paperwork in order and start dreaming of amazing Turkish wedding destinations.

Our event planners offer all-inclusive packages with well-chosen beach venue options and ceremony decorations.

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